When pants really are…pants

Well, as I said in my previous post, this is a two part story. But be warned, it’s no fairy tale. In fact the sensitive reader may wish to avert their eyes at some of the more graphic images , in case sewing nightmares should ensue.

So what was I trying to achieve? Two pairs of crepe pants (in the trouser rather than undies sense) for my capsule wardrobe, a wide leg high waist navy blue version, and a simpler elastic waist version in a pretty plum colour. Sounds reasonable yes? Yeah……right.*

What I was aiming for (with a Tommy photobomb for good measure)

My first effort, Simplicity 8177. I haven’t made any Mimi G patterns before, but I really liked the idea of the You Tube tutorial for my first attempt at pants. I thought these would look fantastic in navy blue with the Ngaio blouse I (successfully) managed to make previously. The fabric was half price, and has the most wonderful drape, I could just see me rockin’ Katharine Hepburn minus the ciggy. I got this far.

This is my third attempt at zip insertion. Seriously.

I even watched the zip tutorial multiple times and still messed it up! Now I probably would have soldiered on, except for the fact these pants are HUGE. I means seriously wide, and far too big around the waist. I could wear these for a weekend away and carry all my additional luggage in each leg. With room for duty free. I’m baffled as I measured myself multiple times, and have used those measurements successfully on other patterns?

Now a saner person may have decided to leave the pants making and sew themselves a nice simple skirt, or a simple knit top maybe? Not I, instead, hey, lets throw a bit more fabric to the wind & make pants again. Pattern from a company I’ve never used before? Yes. Lovely expensive fabric I’ll be gutted to mess up? Yes. Already suspicious said fabric might be too flimsy & will make life difficult? Hell yes! What could go wrong?


Sailing perilously close to camel toe…you can almost hear my teeth grinding…

Style Arc  Daisy pants, or at least a bad version of. I wont show you the waist , there are enough horrors on the internet already, but suffice to say it ain’t pretty. The rise was a little short for me, particularly at the back, and I struggled to make the fold wide enough to cover all the elastic. The hem has move waves than my hair, not least because the pants were not long enough, and I thought adding the hem band as per the pattern would make matters worse. As if they could get much worse?

Enter a caption…maybe “delete please”

The pockets were not necessary, and difficult to sew with the fabric. They are also really low, which felt a bit odd. But I don’t think this is a particularly bad pattern, more a bad fabric choice and lack of some skills (Style Arc pattern instructions are sparse, to put it mildly). In linen, I suspect these would rock.

I finished the weekend feeling very deflated. In the grand scheme of things of course its no more than a couple of days and a few bucks of fabric, but I must admit to be decidedly grumpy on Sunday night. Quite why I thought I’d just rock into pants making without a toile or a care is unclear, but hubris is a harsh teacher!

O.M.G. I think my face sums it up nicely.

So my mini minuscule capsule wardrobe so far consists of one blouse. A wee way to go then…

In the interests of not being a complete Debbie Downer I thought I’d share the fabulous stash my lovely sister Dette sent me for my birthday. A magpie with the best taste, who does not need more fabric and more buttons? Who??

Yes, that is a cat button. Squeeeeeee!!!!

You may be wondering why I’d actually post this hot mess, but if I’m going to have a blog, it will be an honest one. I’d love you to think I’m someone who has it all down, but the reality is hits, misses and something in between. The good, the bad , the ugly….and the truly uncomfortable!

And you? Any disasters recently? If so, I hope this post makes you feel better , let some good come of this!

Kristina x


  • “Yeah, …..right” When something clearly hasn’t/didn’t/will never work. From a New Zealand ad a few years back, has to be uttered deadpan, preferably while looking both deeply skeptical and knowing at the same time, bonus points if you can simultaneously raise an eyebrow . Its almost an art form.




  1. Meg says:

    Oh no! I’m so sorry… I had similar, although less extreme issues with the Daisy pant (rise a bit too low, although wearable, pockets also crazy low). With Simplicity and the other Big 4, I find I often go down a size from what their chart tells me I should cut- they have a lot of ease built in.


    1. plumkitchen says:

      Thanks Meg, I found your Daisy pants after I’d finished mine (darn it!) , I can see I need to pay more attention to fabric choices for starters. Thanks for the heads up re Big 4, to be honest I should have made a toile….blind optimism meets harsh reality!😉


  2. Shari says:

    Count one of your blog readers appreciative of the honest review/perspective! This past week I finished a top and while the construction quality is top notch (if I do say so myself) the best I can say about this look is ‘housecoat’. The top will come in mighty handy for gardening chores this summer….


    1. plumkitchen says:

      Thank you! It’s a pain isn’t it, all that time & trouble & not loving the result, but I’m sure you will look fabulous even if it is just in the garden 😉


  3. erniek3 says:

    I’ve been sewing for years, and there have been many many fails. I had a whole year of them in 20whatever. Sometimes the pattern and the fabric seem like a good idea and then they really are the worst idea in the world (talking to YOU, black cotton pants that absorb all the dust in a room, which really cuts down on dusting duties….) For what it’s worth, you’re a small scoop in the crotch seam and an extra cm in the thigh from a great fit. Those pockets though. Whose going to put anything in them that they don’t want the world to see?
    Still love that top.


    1. plumkitchen says:

      Ha ha , I know, the pockets??!! Even as I was sewing them I knew it was a bad idea….😎


  4. Gilliand150 says:

    A good reminder for me thanks.
    I own 10 trouser patterns but have yet to attempt one! Cheap fabric and a fitting test version are sounding like a good idea. Love the red colour on yours!


    1. plumkitchen says:

      Thanks, I did love that fabric, shame
      I made such a mess, definately a practice sew first for fitting !!


  5. Margaret Baylis says:

    Greetings from a recent ex-Aucklander now in Masterton. Just discovered your website and your struggles with getting a well fitting pair of trousers resonated so much with me. I have tried and tried over the many years of sewing with results from mediocre to very wearable and comfortable. I am different to you – very short in front and long at the back. I too tried Style Arc and found I needed to increase the back by a LOT which kind of changed the whole fit. I now have gone back to a very old (1990’s) McCalls pattern which worked and have abandoned any thoughts of trying new patterns…..that is until I see something that just calls to me….. If and when that happens I just hope sanity and reason will prevail.


    1. plumkitchen says:

      Hi Margaret, I so know what you mean, I am absolutely not making pants….so why am I already thinking of ordering yet another pants pattern??! 🙂 At some point something is going to work right? Hope you are a bit warmer down in Masterton, Auckland is very wet & cold today!


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