Kalle in the rain

20170701_150412 (2)
Singing Smiling in the rain!

Hello again! Its been a busy few weeks, but I have finally finished my lovely new frock and I couldn’t be more pleased. So pleased I braved Auckland drizzle to stand in my incredibly sad looking garden & listen to my husband complain about getting wet. The things I do for a picture…

My dress is the Kalle Shirt-dress,  a recent pattern from Closet Case Patterns.


I’ll be honest, when it first started popping up on my radar I wasn’t fully convinced. The cropped version would do me no favors at all, and the front of the dress seemed to short to be flattering for me. I haven’t made any of their patterns before , and being at the top end of the size range I was wary of sizing.

However after seeing a particularly nice version on my Facebook feed, with comments about how much ease the pattern has,  I decided to be brave & use some gorgeous Merchant & Mills linen from my stash. I know, most sensible people would make a toile in a cheaper fabric. Its something I’ve been thinking about after my recent “very pants pants” disasters! So what did I learn apart from “next time I think about trousers I’ll talk myself down and make another frock instead”? That I have limited sewing time. I work full time, and am married to someone who works even longer hours, if I spent evenings in my sewing room we would never see each other! So weekends it is, and the thought of spending a whole weekend making tester versions of something I cant then wear immediately makes me shudder. Maybe when I grow up and learn some patience….

As you can see, I added length , approx 5 cm back and front. And no, I haven’t got around to cleaning the deck yet, but as you can see I am thinking about it…

I’m so pleased I did, I love this dress! It super comfortable without drowning me in fabric, and despite my initial misgivings, I’m really pleased with the scooped hem. This was surprisingly easy to sew, I made bias tape for binding the hem from the same linen, I suspect using a more draped fabric might be slightly trickier but the effect is lovely.

I also really like the back pleat detail. There are two options, a box or inverted pleat, I went inverted and I’m really happy with it.


The sleeves have a flattering “kimono” shape, with a cuff . I was worried they would be too short but they actually hit lower down my arm, I can wear with a sweater underneath for the cold weather but I’d be comfortable wearing this in warmer weather without a cardigan or jacket. (I have a thing about sleeves!)

The pattern goes up to a size 20 (46/39/48) , I made an 18 & its fits really nicely, with plenty of ease. There are various placket options, I made the popover version, there is also a hidden and full button version. Best of all, there is a sewalong, which I found really helpful when I did the collar & placket.

20170701_150841 (2)
Its not that wet, honest!

So will I be making more Kalle’s? Definitely, I have plans for a shorter tunic version, I have a pretty red poplin that would look fabulous over jeans . I will be interested to see the effect a more sturdy fabric has.

20170702_135708 (1)
How cute??

As you can see, it rains a bit here in Auckland (its pouring as I type this). So I treated myself to a lovely orange Blunt umbrella, to brighten up a grey winter. It’s even been “Wellington” tested, and preformed admirably!*


*For overseas readers, our Capital city is known as Windy Wellington for VERY good reason….


Wellington hair….

Hope you have a lovely week, stay dry folks!

Kristina xxx


  1. erniek3 says:

    That is a very lovely make (and I’m envying your rain). I tested this, and the short shirt version tents out over my tum; not a flattering look for me. The faced hem seems fussy but it works really well.


    1. plumkitchen says:

      Thank you! I’m really pleased with it, yes I don’t think the cropped version is something I’d ever wear, but the tunic length could be cute over pants, just trying to decide if I try the band collar for a change!


  2. This looks like a great addition to your wardrobe! I love your fabric choice and all the details you incorporated.


    1. plumkitchen says:

      Thank you! Yes I’m really happy with it (don’t you love that for a first time using a new pattern!)


  3. Sarah says:

    Looks gorgeous and I love your boots!


    1. plumkitchen says:

      Thank you! I wasn’t sure I could pull it off but they have just enough heel to be sassy ( & I can still walk, huzzah!)


  4. Judy Cinerari says:

    Love the fabric and the inverted pleat. Great job.


    1. plumkitchen says:

      Thank you! First time I’ve done a plead like that, very pleased 🤗


      1. plumkitchen says:

        Or a “pleat” even!!!😂


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