Same same …but different

I really wanted to click my heels together…..photographer not so keen

After the success ( I thought anyway) of my first Kalle shirt-dress , I wanted to make the shorter tunic version for wearing with jeans and my new RED sandals! I’m a girl who loves red shoes from way back. Despite my pal/colleague/fellow crafter telling me her Mum always referred to “red shoes, no knickers’. For clarity, I was fully knickered up for all pics shown.

Anyway, I brought this gorgeous Monaluna poplin from Miss Maude a few months back. I’ve never sewn poplin before, but I just couldn’t resist the lovely colour and cheerful print. I knew the crisp finish would be perfect for a shirt, then I walked past Made & saw some Hasbeens calling my name* and…..I’m resisting the urge. My husband was in a meeting recently (he works for a large bank, he goes to A LOT of meetings…) and  someone (I wont name & shame) actually did that joining of two hands together while using the word “simpatico”….with a straight face. So lets just say the moons aligned & I saw red sandals & a new red shirt. No weird hand thing involved….

That’s me watching my little punk of a cat heading over to the neighbors to torment their dog…

I wasn’t sure the long back would be particularly flattering over my butt ( I was going to say “junk in the trunk”, but in my neck of the woods a trunk is a boot….so “loot in the boot” baby!), but I think its fine.

I had a major rethink on buttons. After consulting the hive mind at the awesome Curvy Sewing Collective  I realized the lovely cream vintage buttons I was so desperate to use, while being completely delicious, were actually not the go for this shirt. The el cheapo navy ones from Spotlight, totally were.

“Yes I know its freezing, but hello, curved hem matching ninja!??”

In all, I’m really happy with this shirt, patterns, fabric (& time!) are expensive, so finding something I love, that fits well, AND I know I can get multiple looks out of is a win!

It was a balmy 13 C when we took these pics, but we’ve a holiday approaching so lets just pretend that the sun had some actual warmth. I’m loath to complain too much given half the country is covered in snow …

Its a box, I’m a cat….really??

Stay warm (or cool, wherever you are )

Kristina xxx

* The pair of shoes I brought were $290 full price, discounted to $140 because there was a tiny rip in the leather on the strap. I took them to my trusty cobbler (I don’t mind buying expensive shoes but I expect them to last, a cobbler is your best friend for this)….anyway for $5 he glued and hammered the tear, its almost invisible (& who is going to get that close to my shoe???)…. I call that a bargain.




  1. Rhonda L says:

    Once again, perfect! The curved hem is very cute. And thank you for sharing three picture of your cat trap disguised as an ordinary box.


    1. plumkitchen says:

      Thank you! Ha ha, Yes, although the cat trap was a bit small for Tuppence, she does love her food!!


  2. Love the red shoes and your red top!! Great fabric choice, button choice, and shoe choice!! Here in the South (of America), if we said, “Look at the lady with the red shoes!”, we were told “That’s no LADY!” I have always wanted to be the woman who wore red shoes!!!


    1. plumkitchen says:

      Thank you! Ha ha, I love it, that’s exactly what my Mum would say too, her sister brought some red shoes back when they were young & scandalized the small rural town they lived in!😉


  3. Deborah says:

    It’s a very pretty shirt, and your trunk looks fine. HA! I really love those shoes, too!


    1. plumkitchen says:

      Ha ha, Thanks!!😉


  4. Sooziesuzy says:

    I love your red shirt and red sandals!
    The only other time I have heard the “red shoe, no knickers” saying is in your blog. One of my bosses, for more than fifteen years, harassed me when I wore red shoes, and I have a number of pairs. Now at year sixteen in this office, after he commented to a client, I no longer wear red shoes:-( Just so sick of the conversation. He reckoned he learned the expression in London law offices.


    1. plumkitchen says:

      Oh no, thats such a shame, he sounds like a right plonker!😔 you should be able to wear red shoes every day witbout comment (except to say “looking awesome”!😙) Yes I suspect its an English expression , my friends mum grew up in the UK.


  5. Tina M says:

    Beautiful!! I love your posts–thank you for sharing.


    1. plumkitchen says:

      Thank you!😊


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