Portia & her big girl pants…

Just hangin’ in my cool pants…

When the Curvy Sewing Collective announced the first make of their year of sewing, I must admit I was slightly less than excited. My last few attempts at pants had been very much that, was I ready to get back on the particular grump inducing horse??


Then I remembered a pattern I had picked up in the UK, on my wonderful sewing adventure to Sew Me Something last year. The Portia pant, I really like this style , wide leg & casual but still smart,  and I thought it might be a reasonably easy pattern to start with. Or at least not have me reaching for the Chard after ten minutes. Also I have used several of Jules patterns before, & know her drafting and instructions are excellent.

Hi. Oh yeah I know, cool pants…:)

I had some rather lovely soft washed Merchant & Mills linen from Miss Maude in my stash, loose swishy wide leg pants, very cool & elegant for walks on the beach, trawling a fabulous museum…or in my case, the aisles of New World.

To tuck or not to tuck, that is the question…

Now I’ll fess up , these are too big. This isn’t a problem I normally have , but there you go! I made up a size 22, next time I will sew an 18 waist grading to 20 hip. I don’t wear my tops tucked into my pants anyway, so I can easily wear a belt , but they do feel quite loose.


Second confession? What on earth was I thinking when I put those back pockets on? I clearly buggered up the markings when I cut the pattern out. Seriously, are they supposed to be on my butt? On my hip? Cargo style on my thigh?? Who knows, when I can face it, I’ll definitely unpick & re-position. I’m really cross about it actually, as I really nailed the stitching (I take every small victory ok)

I was so careful too…

I like the details on these pants, the front pockets, the belt loops, the generous width of the leg. It’s a reasonably easy sew, and following the instructions made even inserting a fly zip really straightforward. Yes, honestly! I’m really chuffed with that zip & it wasn’t a big deal at all!

Vintage button love.

I’ve seen other versions made in heavy cotton, and even denim, which look fab, but for me it’s some slightly lighter weight crisp navy blue linen for my next pair. I made a trip (only my second, honest…this week) to The Fabric Store and was blown away by the gorgeous linens. Yes, it creases, but as I memorably overheard one day “it’s expensive looking creases”. Actually not so much with 20% off, yeow!

Tommy & I coordinating poses.

I’m seeing these with my navy blue & white striped boat neck (in the wash), a cute floral shirt (like this Harrison), or as per the pics, my Liberty print Dartmouth, which is so easy to wear, but just that bit more interesting than a plain tee.


They would be gorgeous with some pretty sandals, but after a particularly aggressive pedicure, I have a wee toe infection at the moment (sorry, but this is an open kimono blog!), so I’m all about the sneaker. According to my husband/photographer/not fashion guru, these are rather heinous sneakers. To quote,  “they look like Mums nursing shoes. Even worse, ’cause you’ve taped them together with elastic”. Harsh.

Not Nurses Shoes.

Needless to say, I laughed & ignored him completely. Such is marital harmony.

You don’t like my shoes?? Yes, I totally care….not!

Anyway, not a bad job, and I look forward to the next pair. Have you made pants? Any fav patterns, do share. And if you want to tell me how ugly my sneakers are, please feel free, I can take it. Seriously.

Kristina x

P.S Check out the poseur photo-bomber behind me. He’s called this “swimsuit edition, sultry look back over shoulder”.

Oh Tommy….




  1. Your Portias look fabulous Kristina! You should find it pretty straightforward if you do want to alter the pattern at all. That Linen works so well, lovely and soft with a bit of drape too. Looking forward to seeing your next pair 😊👍💕


    1. plumkitchen says:

      Thanks Jules, another fabulous pattern:) Ive just cut out my first Celia too (also linen, I cant seem to get away from it), excited to sew it up! x


  2. Caroline says:

    They look lovely (and great for the warm weather we have been having!) if I saw someone in NewWorld with trousers like that I’d assume they’d just popped in for some wine and nice cheese on their way to the beach or the museum!


    1. plumkitchen says:

      Ha Ha, Thanks, exactly the look I was going for😉!


  3. Donnalee says:

    Those do look comfortable in the ‘expensive-wrinkled’ way. I have to admit I had not noticed the back pockets, but hmm: they are interestingly-placed, aren’t they?


    1. plumkitchen says:

      Ha Ha, I know, what was I thinking…?!😂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Donnalee says:

        Well, I’m rather old-fashioned and used to the patterns we used to buy that simply worked, and if they didn’t it was our fault somehow. The only choice used to be sizes, pretty much. You said this was much bigger than expected, so maybe the pockets would work if you were indeed a couple-few sizes bigger…?


  4. plumkitchen says:

    To be honest I think I just completely mis-marked the placing, and because they were not sewn up it didn’t look odd at the time…..in future I’m going to wait until I’ve sewn pants up before I decide on pocket placement! 🙂


  5. SJ Kurtz says:

    These are lovely and soft, and I want them. Waaaaaaaannnnnnnnt, but I have to beg the question: do you put things in your back pockets? I do not, so I leave them off for all those placement reasons.


    1. plumkitchen says:

      Ha ha, thanks, and yes, I dont use my back pockets, although I do like the look….when I manage to get them in the right place at least! 🙂


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