I went with the dress, Cap Sleeve please…


My photographer was telling me to get my foot out of the garden…

Now, this dress actually started life as a jumpsuit. Or the fabric did at least. The Zadie jumpsuit has been all over my Insta feed for a while now, and I’m intrigued, could I pull off a jumpsuit?* Despite the advice of my dear BFF “you need to think of bathroom issues”  (ok , actually quite relevant to me, I have a total Woolworth’s bladder) I was determined. Off to The Fabric Store , which conveniently I can get too on my lunch break (I know, lets stop to consider for a moment how dangerous THAT is!) with my pal to purchase Liberty jersey (her) & foxy linen (me).

Yeah hi there…

There was a made-up Zadie hanging on the wall, in the most amazing berry linen and I was sorely tempted. Fabric stores,  if you are listening, this is a great idea. Being able to see & feel a made up sample is always going to help purchasing decisions. Even my pal, who I could tell was not completely sold on the jumpsuit bandwagon was impressed.

So how did I end up in a clearly not jumpsuit, dress??

That pesky linen. I saw this colour & was immediately drawn. Anyone on my social media for longer than ten seconds can tell I love (besides cats,  food & Chardonnay) orange, mustard, brown, tan, green, navy and any variations of those . The extra weight of the linen made it even more attractive.  It’s a Khaki/brown/slightly mustard mix, perfect with my brown boots. Unfortunately when I showed Mr PK my proud purchase, and my perfect pattern match the words “boiler suit?” did come into play. Then the word “plumber”. And something along the lines of “the gutters do need a wee clear out since your dressed for it”. Then a few other words probably best not to share here (mine) but how annoying is it when someone verbalizes what you may have fleetingly thought but just decided to ignore?

In hindsight I’m glad I went with a change of plan. I brought this The Assembly Line pattern a while ago from Miss Maude Sewing, love the neckline, love the sleeves, all the top stitching, yes!


I’d not sewn anything from this pattern line before, but colour me impressed. The instructions are great, very thorough and clear. I brought the paper pattern, which comes with a full instruction booklet & the pattern printed on nice heavy paper. I trace my patterns so having them on decent weight paper makes life a lot easier.


I cut the XL, my measurements are 112 cm/44 inches, 99/39 & 123/49. For me the dress has the right amount of ease, not too large through the bust, but reasonable volume & shape through the waist and hips. The size range is more inclusive than some, although not all their patterns go up to an XXL. I’ve actually emailed the company to ask if/when the other patterns will be included hey?

Pocket joy!

Yes, its a tad monastic. But the real interest comes with the cool raised neckline, the side panels and the top stitching, I just love the detail, even if it is a bit hard to see in pics!

Nosy at the neighbors…

I made no adjustments to the pattern, and to be honest I don’t think I would going forward either, shall we call this a very lucky muslin? I thought the neckline might be a bit much but actually I really like the width, it balances the volume of the dress.


For me it works over jeans & a tee as a casual yet comfortable weekend outfit, but I really love that depending on fabric choice, you can also wear it to work, let’s be honest, that much top stitching effort deserves a wide audience, yes?

Wondering anew how paving could be so damn expensive…

I’d like to think it’s Tommy approved.

Like Pride Rock. Except it’s a compost bin & he’s not a Lion. 

So good I may be induced to wink at the neighbors even…

Nope, no idea what I was doing either…

Be warned, these patterns are not cheap, but I love the design and the quality product. Will I make another? Definitely, I’d love a denim version, with cool contrasting top stitching. Or maybe another linen? Or maybe both…

Have a great week!

Kristina x



  1. Marlene says:

    Love it with the black tights and top, and the topstitching – perfect bit of interest. As for the pattern being a bit pricey, the saving grace of that is – you can make it over and over and get your money’s worth out of it! I think it would look awesome in denim as you suggested. Get at it, because I can hardly wait for your next post. Gives me a smile every time.


    1. plumkitchen says:

      Thanks Marlene, so true, I don’t often finish a pattern & immediately think ‘I want to make that again” so definitely good value, glad you enjoy the posts! 🙂 x


  2. dette ryan says:

    Afraid to say, but will anyway, I am with Mr D on this one! Can’t see you rocking the boiler suit look sister dear. But love this dress and especially that neckline. I am imagining a below elbow sleeve though to combat those you know what and means one doesn’t need something underneath. Fabric surprise on its way to you x


    1. plumkitchen says:

      Yes I did think about the sleeves , but its cold in my office so having something warm underneath is perfect. Fabric, wheee! Something to make a boiler suit with, I’ll send you a pic!? 🙂


  3. Joyce says:

    Love the dress,good call to change the plan.


    1. plumkitchen says:

      Thanks! Yes, I think I def did the right thing !😉


  4. Laurpud says:

    Lovely, especially if it’s in your favorite color! I agree that jumpsuits are a bad idea; why not just make matching pieces, & save the trouble (or horror, depending on the bathroom) of trying to undress & struggle to keep your clothes off the floor?


    1. plumkitchen says:

      Thanks! So true , reminds me of wriggling out of body suits in the nineties😝


  5. I hope you do make it again and again, perhaps with denim or corduroy or linen. There are limitless possibilities. I am thrilled by all the beautiful stitching you did and love the cutting lines. What a great sew. I do not like it with the striped sleeves and jeans at all but with the boots, it is so nice. Looking forward to seeing your next sewing. Thank you for sharing. I love the neckline too!


  6. plumkitchen says:

    Thank you! I’ve seen some lovely corduroy that is really tempting me …!😍


  7. Alice says:

    Love the dress! Thanks for the info , purchasing today!


    1. plumkitchen says:

      Thanks! Yay, enjoy , it’s a lovely project 🙂


  8. ellagamberi says:

    I’m just finishing this dress now also in the X Large. Thanks for showing me how good it will look on. Mine is in a navy japanese corduroy from Miss Maude’s. That length looks fantastic on you. I am assuming you are about average height? I am 5′ 6 and the hem comes to about the same on my legs. So thanks very much for that.


    1. plumkitchen says:

      Thanks, I love the sound of your dress, I really like corduroy, I’ve been admiring Miss Maude & trying to decide on a colour! I’m 5′ 6 too, so yep, that’s spot on. I have the Box Pleat dress to try next 🙂


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