Is it Claude or Nenuphar?


What’s in a name? I read recently that Margaret Mitchel’s original choice of name for the flawed and rather magnificent Scarlett O’Hara was…Pansy. I kid you not. A very pretty name, but can you think of any character less “Pansy” than Scarlett? Would we buy into the myth of the travelling loner Jack Reacher if our 6 ‘5″ 205 lb hero introduced himself as Gerald Ramsbottom? Closer to home what was my father thinking when he decided Kristina , ensuring for the rest of her life most anything with his daughters name written by hand would begin with a “Ch” clumsily changed into a K . He then played a blinder and gave me the second name Catherine…not with a K (cue more correcting!).

Nénuphar Jacket

I came across the Deer & Doe Nenuphar jacket when a friend of mine sent me the link to a pattern she was keen to make, the Mysostis dress. It looked super cute , but the name?? Who names a dress after a skin condition? Ok, it ISNT a skin condition…but it does bring one to mind yes? When I actually looked it up the name relates to a branch of plants including Forget Me Nots. ( but we’ve still renamed it the Psoriasis dress…) The Nenuphar is a water lily, so in honour of the finest I’ve ever seen let me introduce you to my Monet jacket.


Its a simple unlined jacket with no fastenings, a cute back gather detail & two sleeve variations. Oh and pockets. I knew I had some soft laundered linen in my stash from my fav store Miss Maude that would be perfect, this colour is Oxblood from Merchant & Mills.


Size 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48* 50* 52*
Bust (inches) 31½ 33 34½ 36¼ 37¾ 39½ 41 42½ 44⅛ 45⅝
Waist (inches) 23½ 25¼ 26¾ 28½ 30 31½ 33 34⅝ 36¼ 37¾
Hip (inches) 33¾ 35½ 37 38½ 40¼ 41¾ 43¼ 44⅞ 46½ 48
Finished garment 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48* 50* 52*
Bust (inches) 38⅝ 40⅛ 41¾ 43¼ 44⅞ 46½ 48 49⅝ 51⅛ 52¾
Hip (inches) 47¼ 48⅞ 50⅜ 52 53½ 55⅛ 56¾ 58¼ 59⅞ 61⅜
Length A (inches) 23⅛ 23⅜ 23⅝ 23⅞ 24⅛ 24⅜ 24⅝ 24¾ 25 25¼
Length B (inches) 24¾ 25 25¼ 25⅜ 25⅝ 25⅞ 26⅛ 26⅜ 26⅝ 26⅞

I cut a size 52, I’m an inch or two outside the size range but as you can see there is plenty of ease. The PDF came together really easily, I made Version A, which is shorter & does not have the sleeve frill. I actually cut 3 inches/6 cm off the sleeve as I felt they were too “flappy” alongside the loose fit of the jacket. I’m very happy to report no full bicep adjustment required!

Picture number 467…I’m having fun, can you tell?

I particularly like the back gather detail, it makes the jacket feel a bit more special. I’ve also seen a fab version online with the gathering replaced by an inverted pleat, you know I love those.


I love this back gather detail!

Did I mention pockets?


I’ve not made Deer & Doe patterns before, the instructions were great, really clear, and everything came together easily , not something I often say when making a jacket, however simple!  I certainly made life easier using a stable linen, but I do think a rayon or double gauze version for Summer would be lovely.

There is something about a soft crumpled linen jacket, I feel like I should make one in navy linen, after my most fav gardener, Monty Don.

Cute labels from Kylie and the Machine 

I showed my Mum and she was most impressed (that isn’t easy, trust me!) We visited the garden center today. Since November last year we have been working on the outside of our little house, replacing the fence, adding approx 2000 sq meters of decking & landscaping. When I say “we” I mean people who actually know what they are doing. Which isn’t Glenn & I. I know that makes us sound like insufferable wankers, but honestly, paying the coin if you can and letting people who know what they are doing, do, is a great way to get a decent result. And stay married.

I was most pleased with our landscape designer, and am waiting with anticipation for Spring to really kick in & everything to come to life. Not so my darling Mum, who certainly does know a thing or two about gardening. I’ve been told multiple time I “need a bit more colour”. Given my instruction to lovely Melissa our designer was “I like white & green…and may a bit of cream but don’t go silly” you can anticipate why my garden isn’t exactly technicolor . This is my mother’s. She is now in a retirement village but our house growing up was on a 1/4 acre with the most FAB garden, all done on the smell of an oily garden glove. She is the real deal.

You can see where I get my love of mustard clothing…

So you can imagine the discussions that took place at the garden center today, when we went to have lunch & pick up a “couple of Lavenders” (me attempting to add a splash of colour…)



As am I in a fabric shop, is my Mother in a garden center. Isn’t it great to have a passion!

Have a fab week (in the garden, the sewing room or all points in between)

Kristina (with a K) x


  1. Jo VanEvery says:

    Lovely. And you aren’t far of in the Mystosis thing because I’m pretty sure that’s the name of a lung disease a friend of mine has. Much worse than psoriasis, too. Love your jacket. I have a really nice print with big daisies on it that might work well in this pattern for my elderly mum.


    1. plumkitchen says:

      Hi Jo, thank you, yes it’s an odd choiuce of name for sure! A large daisy print would be glorious, what a lovely gift, lucky Mum x


  2. Marlene says:

    Love the jacket – great job! Also love your Mom’s flowers – but most of all, as usual, you made me laugh out loud with your Jack Reacher aka Gerald Ramsbottom comment. What’s in a name indeed! Hope you show pics of your flower garden when it’s ready (it will probably be the middle of winter for us about then and I’ll need the cheery thought!) Keep up the good work – if anyone is looking for me I’ll be at the computer looking for the pattern for the jacket you’ve made – the gathered back is perfect.


    1. plumkitchen says:

      Hi Marlene, thanks so much, I shouldn’t laugh at my own jokes but Gerald did make me giggle (Lee Child would NOT approve!). Will definately do some garden pics, I thought Id do a post of before & after pics (I love a makeover !) , roll on Spring when everything goes wild 🙂 Do get this pattern, I couldnt beleive how easily it came together, for such a cute jacket! Have a great week xxx


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