Knits for the win…

Hello from Spring in Auckland. Despite this year feeling literally 5,000 days long, I’m thrilled to say we have enjoyed saying goodbye to Lockdown Mark 2, The Auckland Episode (less sourdough, more sour grapes ), and it’s rained! Not sure if the dams are full but my wee garden is looking lush.

Tommy looking very underwhelmed…

A visit to my lovely GP post lockdown has turned up a few surprises. Firstly, my liver is still intact (whoop, amazing!) Secondly , I could do with losing a few pounds. OK that one was probably a surprise to none but still. How boring. But given Diabetes runs rife in my Whanau, needs must . Getting old might be sometime be a drag, but not getting old is infinitely worse yes?

So I’m following Doctors orders and am dropping the pounds . I do intermittent fasting & that’s about as much as I need to say about that (I’m pretty sure hearing about my diet is about as dreary as hearing about my tax return , I’m an accountant, I should know…)

Any ho, it does mean sewing has been a little uninspiring. Do I want to spend ages making something I know won’t fit me in a few weeks/months? Enter knits , in all their lovely stretchy forgiving fabulousness.

First up is the Tessuti Mandy Boat Tee, which I love (and it’s FREE!) I fiddled a bit with the neckline on this one, its wider than I intended, but a great casual top with my Muna & Broad Willandra pants. I was off to lunch at my sisters so elastic waist pants & a great stretchy top for the win. The fabric is a linen cotton mix from Miss Maude, so delicious to sew and wear.


Next, a Cashmerette Saybrook Tank , (complete with apparently confused middle aged woman’s attempt to use the timer on her phone…) while it isn’t something I’d wear without some arm coverage , I love a tank under a cardigan. I have made several Springfield tops, perfect for matching fun patterns with knits, and great for my office , which veers between “a bit chilly” and “OMG turn the heater on” .  A knit version was too hard to resist! 


If you are not loving the idea of sewing knits, I can recommend the Saybrook sewalong , putting tissue , or in my case, tracing paper, under my fabric when stitching was an absolute gamechanger, behold that flat neckline binding! 20201003_113030

So in-between embracing the stretch, what’s been occurring at Plum Towers?

I’ve eschewed sourdough (SO last Lockdown darling), instead embracing soda bread, most specifically this gem from the delightful Nadija Hussain. I loved her on Bake Off, but her Netflix show is even better, so many great tips for busy peeps, delivered with humor &  style. Plus anything with currents is an absolute hit in this house!


If Netflix isn’t your bag I can recommend a couple of FAB murder mystery books I’ve read lately, the first The Thursday Murder Club is a delight, old school murder mystery with refreshingly current Oxgenerian protagonists, highly recommend. 

Next is Moonflower Murders, by one of my fav authors Anthony Horowitz. This is a clever “mystery within a mystery’ novel, if you have even a passing acquaintance with Agatha Christie, Ngaio Marsh or any of the other Golden Age authors you will enjoy this most modern update. 

When not in the sewing room I’m toiling in the garden , and gaining even more respect for my mother who maintained a glorious garden at least three times the size of mine on a far smaller budget ,respect Mum!

Highlights so far, beautiful roses, surely the most glorious of flowers ?

Its been a massive week politically, we’ve just come out of an election here in NZ, I’m proud to say Jacinda has been returned to lead our country, thrilled to see Joe Biden/Kamala Harris mandated to lead the USA. While I’m no idealist, and I can see the challenges that lay ahead for both, I’m glad kindness, decency and in the words of a young friend “not being a complete dickhead” has prevailed.

Long may it be so. 

Kristina xxx


  1. Marlene says:

    So happy to see your post in my mailbox Kristina, and WOW, do you ever look swank!! Congratulations on looking so good. Love, love the tanks and trousers. I’m going to try one or two of them myself. Wish I could do the diet thing too. Never very successful at that, and the pandemic makes it even harder, but I do keep on trying. Hopefully one day. Anyway, thanks for the happy, fun post. I’m a big fan of all you share.


    1. plumkitchen says:

      Hi Marlene, lovely to hear from you and thanks so much (I love “swank”, I’m so using that one! 🙂 ) xxx


  2. Laurpud says:

    Hi Kristina, I’m also glad to see you in my inbox! It feels good to know you’re well.
    I love wearing knits, they’re my favorite. Your garden looks great, & your natural hair color is beautiful- I’m so jealous of your soft shading


    1. plumkitchen says:

      Hi there, that’s so kind thank you, and I hope you are well too 🙂 Yes I’m really enjoying the comfort of knits (this year really needs it!), I wasn’t sure on the hair but I shall persevere ! 🙂 x


  3. M-C says:

    I really enjoyed the “8 perfect murders” that you recommended in your comfort post. But now my library has a 6 month wait on both of these! How will I ever remember it’s you I should thank when I finally read them 😁😁?
    Seriously, sewing wise, we’ve just gone through 3 pounds of French chocolate truffles just waiting for the official US election results. So ahem, we’re not going to visit the GP, but instead making some looser pants. I love the Style Arc poofy Bobs. And I am so relieved about our elections I spent much of yesterday sobbing. No surprise about yours though, congratulations on your good taste in politicians 😉


    1. plumkitchen says:

      Oh I’m so pleased for you, and I wont lie, bit jealous about the chocolate truffles!! Glad you enjoyed 8 Perfect Murders, I’m sure you will enjoy the other two, worth the wait I promise , I’ll try to remember to ask you in six months if you enjoyed them 🙂 x


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