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A new skirt for the new year…


Ok, I was going to start with a hearty Happy New Year, but honestly, how about We Made It, Go Us instead? Crawling into 2021, doom scrolling Twitter, and wondering, between the shocking events unfolding in the US and the terrible Covid situation what the heck is next. If this were a Gerard Butler film I’d be yelling at the TV “no, its too much, so unbelievable”!

Retreating to my sewing room, I spent an inordinate amount of time rearranging fabric (almost like a completely separate hobby from actual sewing, and so relaxing ), finding a lovely piece of Spotlight rayon left over from a previous project. I had just on one meter, enough for another Muna & Broad Nullarbor camisole, I think my fourth now?


I love the colour combination on this fabric, and realized it would work really well with this linen I also found in my stash. I clearly had something in mind when I brought over FOUR meters of it…but have no idea what. I know, ridiculous…and gosh I hope it was on sale. Anyway it turns out it is perfect for the Peppermint Pocket Skirt , a collaboration between Peppermint Magazine & Paper Theory pattern

POCKET SKIRT - peppermint magazine

While I love the shape of the skirt, I wont lie, I was a tiny bit concerned about pockets you could fit a small child in. But given the way the year is shaping up we could get hit by a zombie invasion next week, so it seemed like a good time to try something new! This is a really quick & easy sew, the pocket construction is clever, I was quite intrigued to see how it looked on.



I tried it on for Mr PK, his face was a picture. “those are some big pockets…they sort of sit on a wide bit” *makes hand motions indicating the not ungenerous width of his loving wife’s hips* Then in a moment of clarity regarding just how terrible his 2021 was about to get, he followed up with the immortal “if you like it, that’s what counts”. Indeed.

I think in a softer fabric the pocket would have a softer drape but in the heavyweight linen the effect is a bit exaggerated for me. Because of the way the skirt is constructed taking the pocket off wasn’t really an option, but a wee pleat? Now were talking.


I ended up doing an inverted pleat, then embellished with a simple embroidery cross in green thread as a wee detail. I think the effect is charming, and I’m aerodynamically safe to go out in strong winds. The skirt as per the pattern is very long, I took a good 7″/15 cm off , I would probably leave the hem a little longer next time.


I had actually intended the skirt to be a new years day lunch outfit with this top, a new pattern from The Fabric Store

Sparkle sparkle…

I love that neckline! It’s a quick make, I made the 3/4 sleeve but took about 2″/5 cm off to make it more elbow length. I like the fit, not to tight, but not baggy. The cotton is from Spotlight, it it probably slightly thick for this time of year but I couldn’t resist that print.

Apparently I can only look one way in a photo…

The elastic waistband is comfortable, I would not wear it sitting as high as the pattern pics, I’ve tried but it feels very odd to me!

Hysterical 2021 style laugh…

So how about a few other fun distractions to stop, or at least reduce, daytime drinking?

On Netflix, the brilliant Bridgerton, this is so much fun! Romance, gorgeous costumes, wit, charm, did I mention gorgeous costumes? You can read all about them here

I went to the cinema last week with a pal & saw The Dry, so good! I really enjoyed the book, the movie adaptation is very true to the novel. Eric Bana is brilliant in the lead and lets be honest, brilliantly attractive also!

Speaking of daytime drinking, water definitely tastes better off a hydrangea leaf…

Why use the three water bowls you already have…

I hope where ever you are you’re safe and able to squeeze some joy out of the coming year, we deserve it!

Kristina x

25 thoughts on “A new skirt for the new year…

  1. Happy New Year to you too! Thanks for making me smile and laugh while I was reading the commentary from your husband regarding the skirt! Glad you have adjusted the aerodynamics!


  2. Lovely, as always. We are in the thick of Covid here in California, USA. I’m ready for the politics and Covid to go low.

    I love wearing linen in the summer. You have me dreaming of possibilities. Thanks for sharing another lovely outfit.


  3. It’s a lovely skirt and I love the colour and the pockets, but softer fabric might give it more flow. I’m trying to figure out how to make a curved elastic waistband (similar to your skirt) for a skirt version of the Tessuti Eva dress. Tessuti has made one with lingerie elastic (on their blog/website – which I haven’t tried yet), but I’d like it with something more secure. Regards S

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I enjoyed reading all about your sewing the two tops I love and I have looked at the skirt like it and love yours
      I will have a sewing day tomorrow as North Canterbury weather looks cloudy and cooler
      Today has been beautiful
      Happy 2021 and look forward to seeing all your sewing projects


    2. Hi Sandra, thanks, yes agree, a softer linen for the next one me thinks! Now that is interesting, I have the Eva dress pattern, its a lovely shape, great idea to make it into a skirt, but yes, I’d need something way more secure, I’m off to check it out, thanks! x


  4. It’s a lovely skirt and I love the colour and the pockets, but softer fabric might give it more flow. I’m trying to figure out how to make a curved elastic waistband (similar to your skirt) for a skirt version of the Tessuti Eva dress. Tessuti has made one with lingerie elastic (on their blog/website – which I haven’t tried yet), but I’d like it with something more secure. Regards S


  5. Love the outfits ! You are so inspiring…I made the Lucie robe in Liberty Tana , as you did for your friend . Except this was for me, because I turned 60 and am battling with being this great age, so needed the consolation of fabulous fabric. My first make in almost 15 years. I am now on a roll…


    1. Hi Joan, thanks so much:) Happy birthday, what a glorious gift for yourself (I’m kinda envious, I need to make more with Tana lawn, is sooo lovely!) Glad to hear you are on a roll now!! xxx


  6. Good morning Kristina,
    thank you for your post…you always make me smile…very nice skirt AND I like how you ‘fixed’ the pockets! ingenious! Happy New Year!


  7. Very cute skirt! I think the pockets look even better with the tuck. Also your adorable short green cardi. Did you make that, too?
    To weigh in on the Eva skirt. I made a jumper (USA) by widening the top edge of the top section and gathering it to the bodice. I think the same could be done for a skirt by adding a sewn on waistband.


    1. Hi there Pixie, thanks so much 😊 Yes very pleased with my skirt, I didn’t make my green cardi but I’m hoping to get some nice merino & make something similar! Great idea re Eva ( although i had to stop & think for a minute, a jumper here in NZ is a sweater😆)


  8. Love reading about your sewing adventures, and especially love your dry wit. I’ve just added your blog to my feed. Thank you so much for taking the time to blog, from a sewing sister in Seattle, Washington, USA. (Where we REALLY need happy distractions!)



  9. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Here in the USA it is very hard to even think of something to smile about but your post gave me some real belly laughs. So desperately needed. Love the Gerard Butler comment. I came directly here from reading the New York Times article about insurgents attacking police with the American Flag poles and was just thinking the EXACT SAME THING!

    Also, I do like the way the skirt turned out. It’s so nice when a “can this project be saved?” question is answered with a Yes!


  10. Hi Kristina – After scrolling through the internet, I’m interested in making this skirt.
    However, before I commit, would you mind advising the measurements of those giant pockets so that I can figure out proportions. Regards, Sandra


    1. Hi Sandra, Im so sorry I missed this, apologies for the tardy reply! Its a bit hard to say to be honest as I have altered the original design by pulling them in, but suffice to say they are BIG. In fact I tested & before alteration I could get two bottles of wine in there, not kidding!


  11. Oh!!! Just been drooling over the latest Kalyana style. Their Kyoto skirt looks very similar to the Eva skirt. I assume all their waistband styles are similar – skinny and loose(ish) around the waist – not high waisted. Regards, Sandra
    PS. I’ve just realized how the giant pockets are styled – they’re not the normal pocket design.


  12. Hi again – just checked out the Liesl & Co Everyday skirt – I think this is the style I prefer – less bulk 😺


  13. Loved this post, Kristina, Mr Pk’s response made me laugh out loud. Reminds me of when I was a young woman. If I sought my mother’s opinion of an outfit, she’d say, “They wear anything these days”. Not helpful. I’m about to embark on the peppermint skirt, you’ve given me confidence in the pattern. Thanks!


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