Easter off the Cuff

Wondering how much chocolate we have left…

And just like that its autumn. The clocks went back over the weekend and I now have the correct time on my oven for the first time in six months, yay! Sadly we’ve just brought a new car, never mind the clock, I’ve only just located the handbrake , a button for goodness sake? We had our previous car 16 years, so technology has moved on quite a bit (goodbye CD player…) My husband picked it up from the dealership with the aircon on full, couldn’t work out how to turn it off & was slightly hypothermic by the time he got home so apparently we’re a family of Luddites. I am however hanging out for cold weather so I can turn on the heated seats (yes it’s a thing, I have located that button!)

It’s been a lovely relaxing Easter weekend here, we were in Level 4 lockdown for Easter last year, its been great to celebrate freely once again. I hope where ever you are if you celebrate the holiday you’ve managed to do so with some normality. We had our traditional whanau Good Friday lunch , my husband won the poker , not sure Mum was totally impressed…

Can’t choose your Son in Law’s Mum, sorry…

I had intended to make myself a new top for the day, but of course I wasn’t organized. My sew-jo has been a bit hit & miss lately, ridiculous as it sounds I have so many patterns & so much fabric I end up paralyzed with choice. Yes that is ENTIRELY a first world problem, I am making a conscious effort to use what I have.

Enter the Assembly Line Cuff Top. In beautiful Merchant & Mills linen from Miss Maude which I had in my stash.

CUFF TOP PATTERN - The Assembly Line shop

I’ve admired so many of these popping up on social media, then my bestie made a version and obviously I had to have that pattern too. Happily The Assembly Line have extended their size range so you can now get this wee gem up to a 4XL. The curvier range has a dart added, which I actually really like, added fabric through the bust without being swamped in fabric around the waist & hips.

Admiring my first Feijoa tree, I feel so grown up! (it’s a NZ thing…)

Having said that I think next time I’ll add a couple of cm length, and grade out the same at the hips. The neckline is the boat neck variation, I’m all over boat necks at the moment, for some reason they feel dressier to me than a crew neck. Using the boat neck also meant I didn’t need to make the button loop or attach a button, the neckline is sufficiently roomy to just slide overhead. I whipped this top up in a day, which for a slow sewer like me is pretty good. Just bear in mind the instructions for the facing will change, and you need to fully sew up the back seam.

Animal print & gold as a look? Why yes please

I first met my husband back in the 90’s, he still refers to my “dressing as a tree” phase. I had a much loved (meaning flippin expensive so I wore it everywhere) Working Style linen shirt in the most fabulous deep forest green. I was also deeply wedded to my brown straight leg cords (corduroy is so much more comfortable than denim, seriously) , so the two combined were a fav outfit. I’m happy to recreate the glory here . The pants are the Muna & Broad Sculthorpe, in heavy linen from The Fabric Store , that top stitching brings me joy.

So what else has been occurring at Plum Towers?

Woman on a mission

Mum stayed for a couple of days over Easter so we hit the garden center on Saturday. There isn’t a plant, garden or nursery my Mother doesn’t appreciate, so after I picked various winter vege & herbs for my raised beds & plants for my hanging baskets she lasted all of 24 hours before suggesting she could plant them out . I bow down to both superior knowledge & enthusiasm! I wont pretend to be any kind of botanist, but there is something really soothing about being in a garden. And I wont lie, watching someone else make that garden is pretty satisfyingly lazy. I know, I’m terrible.

Eggcellent! Sorry…

My youngest sister has fully embraced the Jellyologist, we had the most marvelous Xmas trees in December, but she brought it next level for Easter. That’s layers of different flavors of jelly in real egg shells, the eggs themselves made their way into chocolate pavlova with crΓ¨me patisserie filling. Spoilt yes?

Ok one thing I am excited about with a new car is the ease of listening to podcasts. Years after everyone else discovered them of course, but the glory of not wrestling with cords is really quite thrilling. My current fav is Shedunnit by Caroline Crampton. As an avowed aficionado of Golden Age detective fiction this is such a great listen. If you don’t like Agatha Christie, Ngaio March & the rest of the band…give yourself a talking too & have a listen. You might learn something.

Words to live by…

Lastly, super cute pencils from Miss Maude , I have been a stationery fiend from way back, the beginning of the school year was such a thrill, a new pencil case is still a thing of joy. What plans I shall make with these beauties…

Have a lovely week team, hopefully next time we meet I’ve sorted the clock in the car…wish me luck

Kristina x


  1. Susan@IFRMarketing.com says:

    Lovely outfit in colors that appeal to me. Those items could reside in my closet. Your desert is something I’ve never seen. We have Jello here in the US. The Jellyologists takes it to a different level, with booze options no less.


    1. plumkitchen says:

      Thanks Susan, yes its next level jelly!


  2. Sydney Brown says:

    I love your outfit. I am just getting ready to make a muslin of the same cuffed top.


    1. plumkitchen says:

      Thanks! I’m really happy with it , I will be making more , good luck with yours 😊


  3. I made the cuff top from fiber mood and the neckline was ridiculously wide, this looks like a much better option. The jellyologist looks fantastic! I sent a link to my pastry chef daughter πŸ˜‚. We got a new car a year ago and have had 6 months of wrong time, we just changed back thank goodness- and I am usually good at that stuff! Loved the story of your hypothermic hubby, lol!


    1. plumkitchen says:

      Thanks, yeah its definitely a better neckline , I need to find softer elastic! Yes I can’t understand how I can thread an overlocker with no problems but the most basic technology, gah?! πŸ˜‚

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Sarah Costello says:

    Great outfit! The clock in my car is only right for half the year too!!


    1. plumkitchen says:

      Thanks! Yes I’ve been reduced to reading the instruction manual…πŸ˜‚


  5. pixiesews says:

    That is a very cute shirt! I hadn’t heard of this pattern. The way the sleeve is extended reminds me of the Helen’s Closet March Dress without the lower part of the sleeve. I just finished one of those so I might try hacking it.

    We really enjoyed Blown Away and are working our way through Repair Shop. To return the favor, we have also been watching Grand Design and Tiny House Nation. And just started the latest season of Brokenwood! (:


    1. plumkitchen says:

      Thanks! Yes it’s a nice easy sew which I think could be adapted from other patterns, just try & find soft elastic so it doesn’t rubπŸ‘ Oh I love Brokenwood, waiting for the new season here, off to look up Tiny House Nation! X


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