Lockdown with Eleanor

Nice & easy like Sunday morning

Well hello there, it’s been a while.* After 50 some days of Lockdown here in Tamaki Makarau I’m not quite sure how long, so let’s stick with a while. September came and went in a carb fueled haze, October does appear to be shaping up to be the same but with less rain, so that’s something at least!

I’ve not been completely idle on the sewing front , if anything I’m glad to have an absorbing hobby that sees me through some rather anxious times. Even if some days it’s just folding beautiful pieces of fabric in my stash & thinking about what I might make. Stash Management is basically a hobby on its own really.


No idea what I’m doing either..

The Eleanor shirt completely passed me by on release (to be fair I was probably busy doomscrolling Twitter & wondering how to spend the Airmiles I wasn’t getting on a plane with anytime this decade). I have made several Sew Me Something patterns, including this wonderful dress , and when I first saw Jules’ fab gingham version I immediately loved the vintage feel of the shawl collar. It actually reminds me of a shirt my eldest sister had back in the day I may or may not have borrowed & never gave back…

Was this a tricky sew? Not really. Did I still manage to make some dumb mistakes? Of course dear reader, would you expect anything less? For starters, that back please detail…

Inverted, extroverted, who is to know…

Ok, that’s supposed to be an INVERTED back pleat. How I turned it into a Box pleat is one of life’s mysteries. I even remember thinking “oh yes, that looks great” when I was fiddling with the selvedge to go across the back yoke. 

What I was aiming for…

After a really fun post from Wanda Brown, talking about using the fabric selvedge in interesting ways I thought I would do the same. I love it & at least it’s a distraction from my pleat error yes?

From experience the ease on Sew Me Something patterns is generous, but I sized down from a 22 to an 18, I think a 20 might have been a smarter option, I feel like the bodice is lifting at the front .

The pattern also calls for five buttons & I realised after sewing my buttonholes the top one was far too high . I think I needed to overlap the button band further but because I’d sized down the ease was more restricted across my bust than it should have been, and I ended up with a buttonhole on the road to nowhere.  We live and learn.


We’re on the road to nowhere…

The fabric is a chambray linen from Spotlight  I brought on sale, it has a lovely drape & was really nice to sew. The shell buttons from Miss Maude are a real pleasure. Both lovely to look at, and after six weeks in lockdown, it’s always nice to see our courier driver delivering treats & a cheery wave. Those guys & gals are doing the mahi right now! 

The size range on this pattern is great , size 8-30, I’d highly recommend for a comfortable shirt with some cute vintage style. I’d like one in a pretty rayon, and I was very chuffed when my BFF 13 year old daughter decided she wanted one to!

So what else is keeping us occupied here at Plum Towers?

If you haven’t already, check out Vigil, oh my goodness, every episode I go to bed with a real sense of unease (in a good way!) And yes, we are watching old school, one episode a week on Sunday night. I can catch up with my Mum & my bestie on Monday to discuss, remember when TV was like that? I love the convenience of On Demand & Streaming but I do love that “water cooler” TV discussion that we seem to have lost now .

Just finished reading The Man Who Died Twice by Richard Osman, I thought I loved the Thursday Murder Club, but this one is even better, clever mystery with a cast of characters you don’t want to leave (I adore Joyce , even if her Instagram handle is a tad ropey…) 

Right, off to bed here , my sister has arranged a (contactless!) drop off Eight Detectives and I’m rather excited, how good does this look?

Keep safe friends, and when in doubt…eat Carbs 

Kristina xxx

*”Not much, how about you?” Thanks England Dan & John Ford Coley…


  1. msmjedwards says:

    As always, an entertaining and thoughtful post Kristina- like a postcard from an old friend I haven’t seen for a while 😀


    1. plumkitchen says:

      That’s so lovely, thank you! x


  2. Sandra says:

    I was wondering where your chatty, witty self had gone – hang in there 😷 Think how lucky you are – Melb has been doing it tough – month after month of long arduous lockdowns. We in Qld are VERY lucky – but we have become very complacent. 😻


    1. plumkitchen says:

      Hi Sandra, thanks, yes I forgot how much I enjoyed my wee blog, nice to be back. Oh I hear you, I have family in Melbourne & my poor sister is stuck in NSW. Its not so bad, I can work from home at least, and the weather is improving, yay! x


  3. avejj says:

    Gorgeous shirt and your equally so Bon journee from France


  4. sewkris says:

    Good to see you again! I’m starting my toile of the Eleanor today after deciding to size down to a 14 from the 18. Fingers crossed. I know now not to try watching TV while I work on the back pleat😘 or I’m likely to make the same mistake. Your shirt looks great anyway!


    1. plumkitchen says:

      Thanks! Yes I really should learn , I’m mistake prone enough without added distractions, I’m sure yours will be much better!


  5. Terri says:

    I like your hair and that blouse looks very comfy.


    1. plumkitchen says:

      Thanks! Yes it’s really nice to wear, perfect for when Summer arrives (soon I hope!)


  6. I have bought the Eleanor pattern and it is next up on my sewing list. It looks great on you! I think I will also size down, and I might make mine a little longer and lengthen the sleeves. In fact, I am wondering if I could hack it into an unlined coat…Wish me luck!


    1. plumkitchen says:

      Thanks! Oh a coat sounds fantastic😊 Yes I’m going to lengthen my next one, thinking a nice drapey rayon, good luck! x


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