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Same same …but different

After the success ( I thought anyway) of my first Kalle shirt-dress , I wanted to make the shorter tunic version for wearing with jeans and my new RED sandals! I’m a girl who loves red shoes from way back. Despite my pal/colleague/fellow crafter telling me her Mum always referred to “red shoes, no knickers’. For…… Continue reading Same same …but different

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The 30’s are calling Ngaio…

Well its been a busy few weeks so I’ve actually split this rather looong post into two. I cant be responsible for my precious readers suffering DVT, so gripped by my sewing shenanigans they forget to move. Yeah right, anyway I celebrated my birthday weekend (because why a day when you can have three??), and have…… Continue reading The 30’s are calling Ngaio…

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Capsule Wardrobes are go….nearly

I’m a girl who loves a challenge. So when the Curvy Sewing Collective posted about their mini capsule wardrobe month my interest was piqued. I’ve been stitching a couple of years now, and would call myself an “advanced beginner sewer” (actually I’d call myself a “impatient, prone to lapses of concentration, fabric obsessed , crumbs of talent…… Continue reading Capsule Wardrobes are go….nearly