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Linen for the winnin’ Eva

I must say I’m hanging out for my holiday in a few weeks. This time of year always feels quite long to me. Winter is supposedly over, daylight saving has kicked in. I’m slightly panicked about the thought of summer clothes (tights hide a multitude of “no I haven’t shaved my legs since May” shame…)…… Continue reading Linen for the winnin’ Eva

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Charlie ditches the Seventies…

As a child of the 70’s, hearing a pattern released with the word caftan in the title just didn’t send me. Don’t get me wrong, the seventies gave us some wonderful things. Fondue, thankfully enjoying the revival melted cheese deserves. Brown and orange , one of my favorite colour combinations ever…for clothing. Approach with caution…… Continue reading Charlie ditches the Seventies…

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Another round with Lenox

  Why yes I have been doing silly poses in my garden this weekend, what have you been up to? I think I’m giddy with the joy of actually finishing this make. I suspect sewing a shirtdress is rather like decorating a wedding cake or tiling a bathroom. You forget how complicated and time consuming…… Continue reading Another round with Lenox

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Pippi is no school girl now…

Winter. It’s the end of July here at Plum Towers & feels like Spring is a looong way off. However seeing the images of those poor people in Greece & California struggling with wild fires it would be rather churlish to complain about a bit (or a lot) of rain. It might make my deck…… Continue reading Pippi is no school girl now…

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A Shirt Dress (or, Ode to my Unpicker)

added I love linen. Like, really love linen. My fantasy house has billowing linen curtains, linen sheets (changed daily by my fantasy help), me wearing linen Pajamas (ironed by my fantasy help naturally…). My fantasy life has me getting off a plane in only very slightly crumpled linen, looking cool & effortless. Anyone who has…… Continue reading A Shirt Dress (or, Ode to my Unpicker)

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On the Fringe & lovin’ it…

Hello & Happy 2018! I hope if/how ever you celebrate the new year you enjoyed it immensely. My rock ‘n roll evening consisted of cooking a delicious roast beef dinner for my husband and sisters, ¬†then falling asleep on the couch watching Lord of the Rings (in fairness I suspect it was the directors cut,…… Continue reading On the Fringe & lovin’ it…

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Off to a wedding with Ngaio

Weddings. Besides the obvious, love, lifetime commitment, joining two people together blah blah blah….what’s it really all about Alfie? Well, the dress of course. Firstly the bride’s, if there is one day you can go all out its your wedding day right? My first real wedding frock memory, I suspect like many of my vintage,…… Continue reading Off to a wedding with Ngaio

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Away with the birds, Lenox…

I know, I’m back on the birds. Its been a topsy turvy few weeks here at Plum Towers, and I’ve had several projects on the go (including a rather fabulous cardi for Mr PK!). He was away at his parents so I had a whole weekend to actually get things finished. Like this beauty for…… Continue reading Away with the birds, Lenox…

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Afternoon tea with Mrs D

In our house Mr Douglas is the one with the sweet tooth, and I mean sweet. If it has sugar, he likes it. If it has more sugar, perhaps with a side of carbs and possibly a fried involvement, he REALLY likes it. As you can imagine , Afternoon Tea is pretty much his favorite…… Continue reading Afternoon tea with Mrs D