I’m all about the cake, ’bout the cake…

So no sewing for me this weekend, I stepped away from the Janome and up to the Kitchen Aid for a special birthday! My Father’s sister Aunty Eileen reached the magnificent milestone (oh how Dad would have enjoyed the party), and provided a marvelous excuse for the extended family to get together without the stress of aContinue reading “I’m all about the cake, ’bout the cake…”

Lets streamline this shall we…?

There is a lot I like about this top. It has drape, interest around the neckline and cuffs, is comfortable…but we are not there yet! I first came across the dress version of Scroop patterns Henrietta Maria on Pinterest, and was immediately intrigued . Those lovely tucks, generous raglan sleeves, this could be a summer go to.Continue reading “Lets streamline this shall we…?”

It’s a top, no it’s a dress…..

I actually love this dress. A Fielder pattern from UK firm Merchant & Mills, its super comfy , quick to sew, I think looks fab and the pattern also contains a sweat-shirt style sweater version, nice! So why do I look so miserable? Yes, that face. In a moment of inspiration I thought I’d recreate theContinue reading “It’s a top, no it’s a dress…..”

A Harrison shirt to begin…

Well look at me, a new shirt and a new blog, all in one week! Now I will fess up, this isn’t technically my first shirt make. I made a Colette Negroni shirt for Mr PK a few months ago (post to come). While it’s far from perfect (unless twisted plackets become a “thing”, inContinue reading “A Harrison shirt to begin…”