Well hello there, nice to meet you. I’m a newbie  improving sewer, experienced cook/baker, enthusiastic Chardonnay drinker and certified crazy cat lady (happily Mr PK is a crazy cat man so its a perfect match…….) I’m also an Accountant…..yes alright, we’ll keep that between ourselves shall we?

I live & play in beautiful Auckland, New Zealand, in a little house with a lovely sewing room (yes, spoiled!) , dreamy kitchen & badly tended garden. This blog is a place for me to write about sewing, baking, food, craft, mystery novels , cats & all the other really important things in life…..

Get off the sewing machine & sort out dinner…?!

We are staff to two gorgeous SPCA rescue cats, Tommy & Tuppence , pictures of the dynamic duo will pop up from time to time, its what the internet was created for after all.

Pour yourself a beverage & join us

Kristina xxx


  1. ginpins says:

    Nice to “meet” you Kristina! I have a crazy-cat-man too — thank goodness, because I couldn’t possibly keep him if he wasn’t besotted with kitties 😊.


  2. Sharon Moore says:

    looks like lovely spot to be


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