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A Trapeze in the garden

Now, I wont lie, I’ve had mixed reviews on this dress. I love it , but my husband wasn’t quite so impressed. “Wow, I can’t even remember where that curtain was hanging before you took it down to make a frock!?” Boom boom. It’s amazing how quickly he forgets I’ll get mates rates on the…… Continue reading A Trapeze in the garden

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We got there in the end Tacara…

Now why , you may ask, am I standing on my deck on a very warm sunny evening in wool, boots AND a scarf. Other than “because I can” and “I’m still in love with my new fence” obviously. The Seamwork Tacara first came to my attention when it was discussed in the Curvy Sewing Collective…… Continue reading We got there in the end Tacara…

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Well, Pembroke almost made Christmas…

  Hello, Miri Kirihimete and almost Happy New Year to you. I’d like to pretend this is me swanning about on my new deck on Christmas Day. Alas, firstly Christmas Day 2018 was WET here in Auckland. Despite the fancy new pergola our amazing builders worked like demons to get up in time for the…… Continue reading Well, Pembroke almost made Christmas…

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Twin Fielders for my hols…kinda

More birds. I just cant seem to help myself can I? After my Lenox I thought I’d cured my avian obsession, but hey ho, here we are again. So lets step back a minute, and I’ll explain… It was the rib that got me. Merchant & Mills released the most fabulous striped rib, perfect for a…… Continue reading Twin Fielders for my hols…kinda

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Linen for the winnin’ Eva

I must say I’m hanging out for my holiday in a few weeks. This time of year always feels quite long to me. Winter is supposedly over, daylight saving has kicked in. I’m slightly panicked about the thought of summer clothes (tights hide a multitude of “no I haven’t shaved my legs since May” shame…)…… Continue reading Linen for the winnin’ Eva

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Charlie ditches the Seventies…

As a child of the 70’s, hearing a pattern released with the word caftan in the title just didn’t send me. Don’t get me wrong, the seventies gave us some wonderful things. Fondue, thankfully enjoying the revival melted cheese deserves. Brown and orange , one of my favorite colour combinations ever…for clothing. Approach with caution…… Continue reading Charlie ditches the Seventies…

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Another round with Lenox

  Why yes I have been doing silly poses in my garden this weekend, what have you been up to? I think I’m giddy with the joy of actually finishing this make. I suspect sewing a shirtdress is rather like decorating a wedding cake or tiling a bathroom. You forget how complicated and time consuming…… Continue reading Another round with Lenox