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I went with the dress, Cap Sleeve please…

  Now, this dress actually started life as a jumpsuit. Or the fabric did at least. The Zadie jumpsuit has been all over my Insta feed for a while now, and I’m intrigued, could I pull off a jumpsuit?* Despite the advice of my dear BFF “you need to think of bathroom issues”  (ok ,…… Continue reading I went with the dress, Cap Sleeve please…

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A Trapeze in the garden

Now, I wont lie, I’ve had mixed reviews on this dress. I love it , but my husband wasn’t quite so impressed. “Wow, I can’t even remember where that curtain was hanging before you took it down to make a frock!?” Boom boom. It’s amazing how quickly he forgets I’ll get mates rates on the…… Continue reading A Trapeze in the garden

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Getting my match on with Tania

So, I made a pair of pants. And a skirt. At the same time. While perfectly matching my cardi to my shoes. IS THERE NO END TO THIS WOMAN’S SUPERPOWERS???!!!* Ok, it isn’t strictly a skirt, but my latest make, the Tania culottes from Megan Neilson Patterns have all the lovely swish of a skirt, with the…… Continue reading Getting my match on with Tania

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We got there in the end Tacara…

Now why , you may ask, am I standing on my deck on a very warm sunny evening in wool, boots AND a scarf. Other than “because I can” and “I’m still in love with my new fence” obviously. The Seamwork Tacara first came to my attention when it was discussed in the Curvy Sewing Collective…… Continue reading We got there in the end Tacara…

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In the wild…my way

  Hello again, I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend! Mine started well, picking Mum’s overlocker off after a full service, she’s been itching to get it back so I was happy to oblige. Sadly the key fob for our car finally bit the dust, refusing to open the door, instead setting the immobilizer AND…… Continue reading In the wild…my way