Getting my match on with Tania


So, I made a pair of pants. And a skirt. At the same time. While perfectly matching my cardi to my shoes. IS THERE NO END TO THIS WOMAN’S SUPERPOWERS???!!!*


Ok, it isn’t strictly a skirt, but my latest make, the Tania culottes from Megan Neilson Patterns have all the lovely swish of a skirt, with the security of knowing should I need to break out some interpretative dance moves (or ok, more likely,  walk through a stiff breeze) I’m sparing the universe the sight of my knickers. In the words of lovely work colleague from my London days, “it’s always good to keep yourself nice” .*


The fabric is a rayon from Spotlight , I wanted something really soft and drapey, but I didn’t want to use anything too expensive, I haven’t used Megan Neilson patterns before and I do have a history of messing up pants. This pattern uses a LOT of fabric! I made View C in size 22, so I used up all of the 4 meters /4.25 yards of fabric I had. Thankfully it was on sale.

Now, these puppies are not perfect. I used the wrong iron on interfacing for my waistband. By the time I came to finishing up it had almost completely come away from my fabric. I find knit interfacing seems to be much more stable when using rayon, but I’d run out so used the standard version. Lesson learned.

I only pull this pose out for special occasions,  honest..

Because the waistband isn’t as stiff as it should be, and is possibly a tad too big it does tend to slip down. It isn’t a major , but next time I will be probably go down a size so the waistband sits up on my natural waist (which is high!).

That face …”Pockets so deep Im actually concerned I’ve lost a hand…”


Now, shall we talk pockets? These beauties are deep! Full hand coverage, nice shape & sitting at just the right height (unlike my last make, which involved moving the pockets 10 cm/ 5 inches???)

The instructions are good, but I would also HIGHLY recommend the sew along on the Megan Neilson website, I’m quite a visual learner so I love me a good sew along. Lets be honest, Indie patterns are expensive (although here in NZ even Big 4 patterns are usually $15-18 so not cheap) . But the accountant in me also factors in things like this. I’m a confident sewer, and yes, I could trawl You Tube for the right tutorial for any given situation. Or ask my Mum! But when I can open the tablet, and find exactly the tips & tricks I need for what I’m making right now? Added value.

Easy peezy…

I did my first invisible zipper on these culottes and it was a breeze!


Actually on the subject I should say this garment is both Mum & Mum in Law certified. Mum was well impressed , she actually brought the same fabric , and one my best friend also purchased on a recent Spotlight outing. I mentioned this to Vanessa & commented we really are turning into our Mums. She did point out they dress really well, which is good since we got their bingo wing arms…they owe us good dress sense at least. That’s my Mum in an outfit she made which I love, so chic! And my goodness how tiny is that waist (pre five daughters…)


I didn’t make any alterations to this pattern, and to be honest other than sizing down I don’t think I will, which is praise indeed! I made the PDF version, which came together nicely, and in the interests of open kimono I got this pattern gratis in exchange for a review on the Curvy Sewing Collective website , I’d like to think you know me well enough to know I’ll tell it how it is regardless, but if in doubt, I’m wearing this outfit to work tomorrow feeling very pleased with myself, I cant say higher than that!

I’m calling this one “crazy cat woman in the wind” 


Because Tommy is such a photo hog I’m sharing Tuppence, doing what she does best…

Tuppence living her best life 

He isn’t happy..

20190331_180915 (2)
Tommy plotting Dad’s downfall…

I cant leave this post without addressing whats been happening in my country over the last few weeks. This is a fun, generally happy mostly sewing and cats space, but in reality I’ve been neither happy nor inclined to sew. A man with gun walked into a Mosque, a place of worship,  & gunned down innocent people at prayer. He killed 50, injured many more, shattered families & irrevocably changed how we feel about our country.

I’ve many thoughts & feels on this, but to be honest as a white woman of relative privilege I don’t think my reckons are the one that need to be heard or listened to right now. Instead, the voices of those actually dealing with this , both the immediate atrocity, and the underlying issues. The hash tag #thisisntus kinda irked me, I wont lie. It is us. I grew up in South Auckland, my best friend is Maori, there IS racism, everyday, to say it isn’t us is nonsense, and until we address it, it will continue to be us. If I can say nothing else this week it would be to call it out. Call out all those crappy comments, the snide remarks, the outright bullshit & maybe, we can make a change. Don’t enable crap. Call it out. And back up your friends/whanau/colleagues/strangers calling it out.

Have a better week lovely people

Kristina x


* I can also thread an overlocker, and whip up a roast dinner with my eyes closed. I can’t tell left from right however, so if your superhero needs to travel, don’t call me….

* Said colleague went to Canada on a rodeo holiday & ended up having a torrid affair with a cowboy. Don’t keep yourself TOO nice kids! 🙂







  1. says:

    What a nice make! Invisible zippers sound so intimidating but isn’t it so pleasing to find how easy they truly are? In zippers I find I like doing invisible zippers or hand picked ones the best as both are easier than a standard zipper. For dealing with the tiny bubble at the end of invisible zippers (if one occurs) Kenneth King”s video on Threads Magazine site is superb.

    Thanks for sharing your two ways of wearing your culottes both are nice contrasts for you in cool and warm colors and give a different feel. Your seem to have a wonderful relationship with your mum. Treasure it.

    I, too, was shocked to hear the tragedy at Christchurch. This one being man made, leaves a lasting scar on your heart about the society we live in. Good for NZ for taking such swift action with your gun laws.


    1. plumkitchen says:

      Thanks Susan, yes it was a shocking event, Im proud of our Government, and especially our amazing Prime Minister in how it was handled, just hope at least people look at their own attitudes going forward. And thanks for the zipper tip, I’ve just discovered Threads mag at my local library, what a resource! x


  2. Rhonda L says:

    Gorgeous make!


    1. plumkitchen says:

      Thanks Rhonda! x


  3. Sydney says:

    I really love those culottes! I thought it was a skirt. Love the cats too…..


    1. plumkitchen says:

      Thanks! I know, I love that it looks so much like a (really nice!) skirt!


  4. StitchNSew says:

    Nice job! You look amazing and now I’m itching to make them too.
    Always love reading your posts 💙


    1. plumkitchen says:

      Thanks Cassily, I love your positivity, and you would rock these pants!! x


  5. Ali says:

    Thanks Kristina. I came to your blog post keen for another straightforward post about some lovely sewing, and goodness, your sewing is lovely as always. Finished up in tears reading your view/ my view on Aotearoa.


    1. plumkitchen says:

      Thanks Ali, I stuggled a bit with this one, but the only way we move foward is looking at our own backyard & figuring out what we can all do every day 🙂 Im glad you enjoy my posts, thanks for reading, I really enjoy writing them but its always nice to know someone else is enjoying them! x


  6. Marilyn Kirby says:

    I have taken away a lesson you may not have intended–I will henceforth go fabric shopping with several shoes in my tote bag, so I can match fabric to them. (Is that superpower cheating?) I love the pattern but it seems awfully expensive for “just” a skirt; it’s a lot more than their other patterns. But the poppies on the pattern envelope might make it irresistible. I really enjoy your sense of humor and your fence is great, too.


    1. plumkitchen says:

      Ha ha, thanks Marilyn, it def is NOT cheating! Yes it is a bit more expensive, but I did find the info on the website super helpful, and to be honest I really liked the finish which always makes me feel better about paying a bit more:)


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